Aims & Objectives


To provide a platform for the Alumni and needy students/parents to do the work on ideas of academic, cultural and social issues which affect them and organize meetings / get together for the same

To achieve the above, the following aims & objective, mentioned in the President Manifesto, has to be carried out:

  • Renew/Register the AMU Old Boy's Association with the registrar of Firm and Societies.
  • Setting up an AMUOBA Centre in Delhi-NCR will be a milestone for maintaining a better office of the Association, a Library and reading room for the students, working girls & boys and many other needs like an Information Centre which will also help in establishing an information bureau to help job seekers, scholars and students.
  • For Maximum connectivity and to eliminate inconsistencies in the voter list - Online Membership Registration will be facilitated and will be available for all to see. This will also stimulate contacts among the old boys, the students and the staff of the University and its allied institutions.
  • To leave no stone unturned in flourishing/propagating objects/visions of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in every walk of life, thereby, promoting the spirit of Aligarh Movement (Sir Syed ideology) for education institutions.
  • To help and promote the advancement of special branches of learning such as Engineering, Medicine, Civil Services, Computer and such other branches and interests as the Association may arise from time to time.
  • To make every possible contribution to the educational expansion and cultural advancement for NEEDY Students/Aligs and to extend help to the dependents of old boys and other promising students in the matter of preparing for competitive/other examinations and securing jobs;
  • To facilitate Campus Interviews for the AMU students at AMUBA Centre and AMU Campus.
  • Transparency will be maintained at all times and all details will be available in public domain on AMUOBA PORTAL and keep updating with latest updates from time to time.
  • Working in the field of economic empowerment & social sphere of the underprivileged in order to Enhance their status within the society and to provide ways and means for cultural contacts with the outside world in general and educational institutions in particular leading to a wider cultural outlook
  • Be in touch with the local businesses and professionals to provide mentors for the community/alumni need to encourage future job opportunity for social enhancement.
  • To pursue the Minorities Character persuasion in Supreme Court and other legal matters related to AMU/AMUOBA.
  • Working towards the Media Exposer/ Social Network to raise the required issues on the platform of AMUOBA. We will try to enhance and uplift the face value of this Association in the world of AMUOBA Delhi-NCR chapter
  • Last but not the least, I suggest to make some memoir in the name all those alumni like Zafar Iqbal etc. who have brought laurels not only to the University but our country itself to celebrate and honour their sucess.

We BELIEVE in action and we promise to execute the above points with your support and blessings.